Cape Door Closers Famous since 1989

Compare our hydraulic door closer prices and you will find that we are the cheapest and best value hydraulic type door closer supplier / installer in South Africa

Contact Alfred Cell: 072 479 5166

Suitable for heavy traffic like Elevator/Lift doors, Factory doors, Office doors, Home doors, Front Gates and Shop doors.

  • Preferred door closer supplier for all the leading  South African Elevator Companies
  • Very competitive prices.
  • DIY installation or we can install it expertly for you.

We also specialize in repairs & installation of

  •    Hydraulic Door Closers  (repair and install all makes)
  •    Hydraulic Floor Springs  (repair and install all makes)
  •    Hydraulic Jacks               (repair and install all makes)
  •    Door Lock's                     (repair and install all types)
  •    Intercom                          (single type)
  •    Security Gates                 (custom made and installed)
  •    Security Burglar Bars     (custom made and installed)

Heavy Duty Industrial Weatherproof Door Closer's Order and pay directly online click HERE




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